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Friday, December 7, 2007

Empire Magazine Presents Its Pick of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

December 07, 2007 06:10:46 GMT
by Staff Writer

© David Gabber/PR Photos Notwithstanding with her being labeled as skinny, Angelina Jolie has been chosen the 1st in a poll conducted by Empire Magazine on 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. Seizing the top spot on the list her sexiest moment, according to Empire, was "beating the hell out of Brad Pitt in 'Mr and Mrs Smith' and then banging the hell out of him by way of apology."

Jolie is said by Empire "to have been precision built to turn cinema audiences into drooling wrecks. The pneumatic figure, the feline eyes, the lips that could have been stung by several hives of bees. Simply unimprovable."

Pitt, meanwhile, comes at 7th and is praised by Empire as "So empirically good-looking that you'd have to hate him if he wasn't clearly such a nice guy with it. The eyes, the smile, the rippling six-pack despite being the wrong side of 40 - he's the man men dream of being and women dream their man could be."

Just one spot behind Jolie is Natalie Portman who's described as "Sexy, but in a ladylike 'doesn't flash her gusset at the paparazzi' way, Portman is the pin-up for those who like their women as smart as they are slinky. Plus, she's beautiful enough to make even baldness hot in 'V for Vendetta.'"

The other Hollywood famous celebs included among Empire's pick of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars among others are Daniel Craig, Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, and Gerard Butler, all of whom are rounding out the Top 10.

Click on Empire Magazine for the complete list of its 100 Sexiest Movie Stars plus each of their sexiest moments

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